Friday, March 9, 2012

Coffee Addiction

My dear boyfriend (lets call him Sir, boyfriend sounds like we're teenagers...) noticed it within the first weeks of our relationship: I really enjoy my coffee moments. Not only I really enjoy them, so do my mother, and my sister. Up to the point that one of us posted something on facebook about coffee, and the other two commented things like: Ow, I'd love a cup of coffee too! Mom, I'm coming to your place for coffee! etc. To us it is merely a social thing though. We mostly enjoy our coffee - and indeed, enjoy it - when we can share it. Which makes it more obvious for 'outsiders' that we drink coffee often.While some 'real' addicts drink coffee for drinking it, no matter what coffee it is and when, as long as it contains caffein, coffee is so much better when it can be used together, and with a little attention to how it is made. Things like boiled milk, and sometimes sweet whipped cream, cacao powder, etc, make even a cup of senseo tasteful.

Like one of my Grannies, who also belonged to the coffee-guild, once said: 'Coffee only is tasteful when it is made with love'.
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  1. Als met hart&ziel gemaakt is smaakvol genieten. Mooi weekend toegewenst met hart&ziel door Sil.

  2. Hallo lieve Jantine. Je gaat toch niet in het engels over he? Daar heb ik dus een hekel aan omdat de nederlandse taal steeds meer aan t verwijnen is vind ik dat we ons best moeten doen om het te behouden. Ik snap t wel hoor, leeftijdverschil, maar ik hou gewoon van de nederlandse taal. liefs en fijn weekend. Hélène